Optical Comparator


This month Protomatic is highlighting one piece of new equipment purchased in 2008. This new equipment helps produce parts with the exacting tolerances that all our customers require.

Optical Comparator

The Micro Vu Spectra Comparator is a precision instrument that produces bright images for projecting profiles, angles and threads. Additionally, the comparator has quick interchangeable lenses ranging from 10X to 100x.

This optical measurement device is designed for small to medium sized parts, with a capacity of 12'' x 6'' x 3''. The 14'' diameter projection screen is semi-manually linked with a PC running "InSpec Metrology", a software that has an optical edge detector. The comparator has a repeatability of 2.5uM (0.0001''), with a practical measurement of 12.5uM (0.0005"). This was a great addition that compliments Protomatic's manual Optical Comparator.

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