New and Improved Web Site

New and Improved Web Site

This month highlights our new web site, .  After years of our  "do it yourself look", we went with a more professional look.   The new web site works better and reflects our company's capabilities and growing needs of our customers in the industry.  The following highlights the important changes made to our web site.  We are not changing, we are just improving our customer support.

Better Organization
A more conventional layout with easier to find information.

More Supporting Information

We have added an Overview, History, FAQ, Equipment List, Historical Newsletters and more.
About Us

Supporting Your Industry
We still manufacture the same types of parts, but we wanted to highlight some of the product varieties  that we support over a range of industries.
New Sections:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
New section for the most commonly asked questions.

Protomatic News
An RSS feed that keeps you updated!
And its free!
Protomatic News

Faster Speed
We've removed the big, slow loading images.

Case Studies
Due to the complex and confidential nature of our customer's design, we cryptically described some of the help that has occurred over recent history.
Case Studies

Why Protomatic?
When you are looking at the competition, there are always differences.  We've quantified just a few of them.
Why Protomatic?

Questions or Concerns?
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