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Protomatic Medical

Protomatic MedicalThis month highlights our new web site, In an effort to improve support for our medical customers, Protomatic has created a separate website to support this specific industry. The web site is our all-purpose site and will still continue, whereas, the new medical website helps provide more product details and understanding of Protomatic's additional capabilities in the medical field.  
Improvements Include

Better Organization
A more conventional layout with easier to find information.

More Supporting Information

We have added an Overview, History,  Historical Newsletters and more.

Supporting the medical industry.
We still manufacture the same types of parts, but we wanted to highlight some of the product varieties  that we support over a range of industries.

Sections of interest:

Why Protomatic Medical?
This section explores the differences with Protomatic.

Case Studies
Due to the complex and confidential nature of our customer's design, we cryptically described some of the work that has occurred historically.

Although Protomatic does not manufacture the completed medical product, we are an OEM supplier in a  critical industry and are linked to supporting our business partners.

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