Buck Fever

Buck Fever

Wow, buck fever is upon us.  Michigan archery deer hunting season starts Oct. 1st. Most people think it is Nov. 15th-30th, which is correct for the Firearm season, but, the youth and bow season have already begun.  This can create scheduling problems for some manufacturers.  In fact, some companies simply close Nov. 15th due to employee absences.  But, at Protomatic we have the capacity to take on new work during the hunting season.

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Protomatic has the capacity, capability and accuracy to manufacture simple parts involving 2 axis motion,  to more complex  5 or more axis type of work.  CNC equipment can easily be programmed for your application.


We have CNC Mills, CNC Lathes, Brake presses, Grinding, DCC CMMs, welding, punches, brakepress, plasma cutting, and other support equipment.  For a list see our equipment list.


Supporting a variety of processes used in machining  many common materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, plastics and not so common materials such as FRP composites, rubbers and foams.  For more information see Services.

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