Beware the Ides of March

Beware the Ides of March

This month the weather has been active... TOO ACTIVE!  Due to the out pouring of telephone calls, we just wanted to advise that even though the most severely damaged areas in Dexter, MI are less than a mile from Protomatic, we have experienced only some minor interruptions in production.

National News Coverage
Our little village of Dexter, MI has never been so busy with the influx of national media, local news helicopters, Red Cross workers, mobile insurance claim trucks, police, utility workers, and volunteers. Hundreds of  houses, cars, and trees were damaged by an EF-3 tornado on Thursday, 3/15, that ripped through Dexter leaving a 7 mile by 800 yard wide path of torn up houses and trees. Over a dozen houses were leveled and hundreds were damaged. According to the National Weather Service, winds reached 140 mph.  Amazingly there were not only no deaths, but also no reported injuries.  For that we are very thankful.

Clean up
We're proud to see local community coordination with the mayor's office, chamber of commerce, utilities, volunteers and local churches have all pitched in with the cleanup.  It is wonderful to see neighbors helping each other with housing, food, and cleanup of all of the fallen trees and debris.  We are also proud to see the community involvement and the power of the Internet help with the coordination.  Gov. Rick Snyder flew in to offer his help.

Little impact for Protomatic
We did experience multiple power outages and some of our employees had significant hail damage on their cars. All in all, we were lucky for the near miss.  We're very glad to say our Emergency Plan did not have to be executed, but it does reinforce the importance of the preparation process.

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