Inspection Equipment

(1) Brown & Sharp Global 9158 (0.9M x 1.5M x 0.8M)
(1) Brown & Sharpe Global Performance 7-10-7
(1) Brown & Sharp Gage 2000 CMM 18" x 20" x 16"
(1) Nikon VMR-3020 Optical CMM 11''x 7'' x 5''
Laser Micrometer, Keyence LS-7030M
Ball Bar, Renishaw Wireless QC20-W (0.1uM)
Precision Level (Machine type)
Bore Gages
Bore Scope
Bore Light Probe (Rt Angle)
Surface Plates (large & small)
Gauge Blocks
Pin Gauges
Ring Gauges (Metric and Inch)
Thread Gauges  (Metric and Inch)
Inspection Standards
(1-set) Micrometers 0-12"
Dial Gauges
(1-set) Vertical Calipers 0-60"
Chatillion Gauges (Force/Torque)
(2) Micro-Vu Optical Comparator, #M14
SPC Data Collection; Mitutoyo (UP-1)
SPC; SPSS Software
Gage Calibration; Cybermetrics Gagetrak
(1) Surfometer: Federal Pocket Surf
Force Guages 0-20,000 lbs.
Strain Guages
Digital Volt Meters
Power Supplies, Fixed and Adjustable
Isolation Tranformers and Constant Voltage Tranformers
Thermometers and Thermocouples (Digital and Analog)
Function Signal Generators
Alignment Lasers
Mass Standards (50lbs.)
Highpot tester
Sound Meter (dba)
Optical Flat and Light source
Flourescent Penetrant Test Equipment (FPI)
Microscopes (Various)