Protomatic Aerospace Web Site

Protomatic Aerospace Web Site

Protomatic has recently published a new website to better serve our customers in one of our primary markets.

Serving Our Aerospace Customers
This new web site enables us to support to our aerospace customers better. As we address concerns for the military and aerospace industry, we find that all of our customers are benefiting from what we implement.

Business Similarities
Protomatic services multiple industries, two of which are very similar in their manufacturing requirements; aerospace and medical. Although these industries deliver different final products they have very similar manufacturing requirements. Both make mission critical components, tightly control their manufacturing processes, require stringent material controls (chemical and physicals) and demand highly specified  products. Cleanliness and FOD (Foreign Objects and Debris) are critical requirements.

Historical Highlights
There are some neat historical tid- bits that are on the web site. For more info visit:

(Be sure to tell Bill that you saw him on the website.)

Services  Highlights
Internal services that are commonly used at Protomatic are listed at:

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