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Protomatic Not Affected by Kobe Steel Notification

Protomatic Not Affected by Kobe Steel Notification

In October of 2017, Kobe Steel acknowledged falsifying material certification data about the quality of aluminum and copper it sold in the last 10 years. It stated that a subsidiary operating in China, Thailand and Malaysia manufactured products such as copper piping, aluminum and steel wire.

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Aerospace Component Prototype Development and Protomatic Aerospace

Aerospace Component Prototype Development Services

When you’re looking for assistance developing your aerospace component prototype, there are a number of things that you should be looking for. Does the company that you’re working with have an on-site aerospace machining facility? Do they have the equipment and technology necessary to bring your vision to the market? Are they staffed with experts in CAD and CAM software? Protomatic Aerospace aims to make your decision easy by answering all of these questions with a resounding, “yes!”

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Wishing you a joyous holiday and a happy New Year

Happy Holidays

All of us at Protomatic wish you the best of holidays, and a New Year filled with joy and prosperity.

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Great tips before picking a medical CNC machine shop

Great tips before picking a medical CNC machine shop

All CNC machine shops aren’t created equal.

Choosing the right one can be the most important step in your next project. It is not an overstatement to say that lives could depend on the component parts produced by the shop you select. Download this e-book for the basics of what to look for in a shop — from capabilities to equipment to regulatory compliance.

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Where The Machining Industry Is Headed

Where The Machining Industry Is Headed

The Modern Machine Shop Top Shop Conference was full of new ideas and concepts. The attendees were some of the best in the machining industry, and their insights regarding the changing trends of machine shops were extremely interesting and educational. 

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Protomatic to be Featured at MMS Conference

Protomatic to be Featured at MMS Conference

Protomatic, a precision CNC machine shop, will give a presentation on ISO Systems and Business Risks at the MMS Top Shops Conference. The conference is an extension of Modern Machine Shop’s successful Top Shops benchmarking program.

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For Precision CNC Machining, Protomatic Lights the Way

For Precision CNC Machining, Protomatic Lights the Way

Everyone will be looking up on Monday, August 21, when the Great American Eclipse sweeps across the United States. Since we at Protomatic know a thing or two about light (we use a variety of light from microscopic deburring to laser marking), we want to pass along some interesting eclipse tidbits. And as our way of commemorating the event, we’ll give you a free flashlight with every order.* 

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Get the Most Out of Your Capital Equipment

Get the Most Out of Your Capital Equipment

For capital-intensive businesses such as a CNC job shop, staying up to date on equipment is critical to success. Knowing about or finding the right tool for the job is crucial to cost, quality and delivery.

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Cyber Security — An Important Update

Cyber Security — An Important Update

Americans have been historically naïve about thinking of cyber security. The concept of “Ransomware” and the “Dark Internet” were not even discussed three years ago. As we educate ourselves, watching individuals to large companies shut down or slowed down due to cyber security issues, we must look at our systems and make sure that we are protected.

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Protomatic Completes ISO Upgrades


Just two months ago, we talked about the goals for Protomatic in 2017. We are happy to report that one of the major goals that we set for 2017 has already been accomplished. That goal was the upgrade and registration to the two new ISO standards. Protomatic has been working on a basic business direction for many years, so the conversion went smoothly.

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