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Our part is saving lives

Developing prototypes and CNC machining custom parts for mission-critical industries such as medical and aerospace takes more than sophisticated equipment. It takes knowledge, talent and an intense focusĀ on quality. At Protomatic, everything we do is based with one thought in mind: Life-Saving Precision.

What we specialize in


Precision machined parts for aircraft ranging from light commercial to space vehicles.


Precision components for the medical, optical and dental fields.


Get details on the materials we work with, our machining specialties, manufacturing capabilities, and manufacturing methods.

Design Support

Protomatic offers both CAD and CAM design services, supported by technical documenting and advanced equipment resources.


CNC precision is ensured through inspections using a full range of metrology services including both CMS and CMM.

Life-Saving Precision at Work

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Protomatic offers CNC machine shop services and custom parts for Aerospace, Medical, and many other industries. We have the equipment and experience to take any idea you have and bring it to life.

The cybersecurity risk does not have a ROI (Return on Investment) in a typical sense, but is more like a ROR (Return on Risk). It includes things like safety, licensing, insurance and other every critical task that businesses must perform to be successful.

Prototyping is a great way to ensure parts are always made exactly as needed in aerospace manufacturing.