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Our part is saving lives

Developing prototypes and CNC machining custom parts for mission-critical industries such as medical and aerospace takes more than sophisticated equipment. It takes knowledge, talent and an intense focus on quality. At Protomatic, everything we do is based with one thought in mind: Life-Saving Precision.

What we specialize in


Precision machined parts for aircraft ranging from light commercial to space vehicles.


Precision components for the medical, optical and dental fields.


Get details on the materials we work with, our machining specialties, manufacturing capabilities, and manufacturing methods.

Design Support

Protomatic offers both CAD and CAM design services, supported by technical documenting and advanced equipment resources.


CNC precision is ensured through inspections using a full range of metrology services including both CMS and CMM.

Life-Saving Precision at Work

Recent Blog Posts

Protomatic Renews QMS Certifications

Protomatic manufactures precision CNC parts for the aerospace and medical industries. To help ensure that every part meets optimum quality standards, we perform regular independent inspections of the Quality Management System.

During your project, it’s essential that everyone involved aim for the same target. In most cases, that target is a specific set of specifications, standards or design criteria.

Protomatic Comes Through for Project Warp...

Protomatic is proud to have been called upon to contribute to Project Warp Speed. At Protomatic, the guiding principle is designing and manufacturing every part with Life-Saving Precision.