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Protomatic offers you many informative documents that cover a wide range of subjects pertaining to CNC machining and our capabilities.


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Protomatic AS9100D and ISO-9001:2015 Certificate
Certification of Registration for Protomatic AS9100D:2016 and ISO-9001:2015 , Expires March 7, 2024
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Protomatic ISO 13485:2016 / QMS 13485:2016
Certificate of Registration, Protomatic ISO/QMS 13485:2016 Expires March 25,2023
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Management Review Certification for CY2020
Management Review Certification of 2020, completed on Feb 11, 2021.
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Protomatic Quality Manual - Policy Sections
Quality Manual Q1 Rev.P5 Policy Section Policy Sections for Quality Policy, Mission Statement, Conflict Minerals, Counterfeit Mitigation, Cybersecurity, Safety and Health Policy
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Code of Ethics (INS0607 Rev. A)
Code of Ethics, Protomatic INS0607 Rev. A
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Protomatic Terms and Conditions (INS0603 Rev. C)
Procurement Terms and Conditions, INS0603 Rev.C
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Restricted Materials List (FRM0609 Rev. A1)
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Protomatic Holiday Schedule for 2021
2021 Protomatic Holiday Schedule
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Protomatic Holiday Schedule for 2022
2022 Protomatic Holiday Schedule
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Covid-19 Operational Statement
Manufacturing Support for Medical and Defense sectors during Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.
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Customer Alert- Kobe Steel Certification
Kobe Steel Notification regarding material that may have been purchased by Protomatic Inc.
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How to Select an Aerospace CNC Job Shop
A short white paper describing the selection process to help find the best CNC Job Shop for your product.
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Additive or Subtractive Prototyping: Which is Best?
This valuable eBook reviews the benefits and drawbacks of additive and subtractive prototyping.
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How to Get Your Idea Turned Into a Prototype
Outline of producing your first prototype.
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Tips For Choosing a Prototoype Machine Shop
Not all contract manufactures are the same. Selection is a difficult process and this paper provides areas to investigate prior to contracting work.
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White Paper - Medical Machining with CO2
Machining medical parts with CO2 eliminates chemical contamination, improves dimensional control and extends tool life. This paper describes Protomatic's experiences with this technology.
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Classic Automotive Parts- Cadillac Hydraulic Lifter 1927-1936
Cadillac- Hydraulic valve lifter kit. This kit replaces solid lifter with a hydraulic self adjusting type of valve lifter.
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Classic Automotive Parts- Rolls Royce Phantom III
Phantom III (1936-1939) Hydraulic Lifter Kit- Reduce tappet noise with conversion from solid to hydraulic. Distributor Advance Shaft Support- Reduces strain on "A" Bank for smoother control. Floor Board Screw Kit- Custom screw size for floor boards (matte nickel plate).
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Classic Automotive Parts- Avanti Convertible Top
Avanti Convertible top parts. Top Handles, Top Pump Motor and Cylinders
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Medical Device- Campenot Divider Price List
Campenot Dividers Nerve cell growth chambers for research applications.
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Protomatic Military Parts (NSNs)
Military National Stock Numbers (NSN) Part Capability
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Tube Extrusion List P/N 10067668 and 10046404
Custom Military Tube Extrusion List, Rectangular Thin Walled
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Special Extrusion P/N 1342AS719
Extrusion, P/N 1342AS719 (Naval Air System Command) Certificate of Compliance, Material Test Report.
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Brochure Protomatic Medical Capability
Description of medical device manufacturing capability.
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Brochure Protomatic Aerospace Capability
Protomatic Aerospace Capability.
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Brochure Protomatic Defense Capability
Description of defense manufacturing capability.
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Protomatic Capability Statement
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Map and Directions
Map and Directions to Protomatic Inc.
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Protomatic Equipment List 9.2021
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