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Aerospace CNC machining

Protomatic is  a respected leader in aerospace manufacturing, and is AS9100D and ISO9001 registered. With services in CAD and CAM, as well as aerospace milling, turning, and  support, we create accurate and efficient components to the most exacting specifications for aircraft ranging from light to space vehicles.

A constant innovator in aerospace CNC machining, Protomatic expertly machines materials other aerospace machine shops refuse to touch. Our aerospace machining capabilities allow us to work with nearly any material, whether it’s super alloys, titanium, stainless steels, special steels, aluminum, plastic, rubber, ceramics, refractory … the list goes on.

Following are just some examples of our aerospace CNC machining projects:

    • Multiple Ejector Rack (MER)
    • Triple Ejector Rack (TER)
    • Ejector Bomb Rack F/A-18
    • Firefinder AN/TQP-37
    • Improved Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System
    • Missile Launcher F/A-18
    • Decoy Dispensing System (Countermeasures)
    • Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators (Deep Space Power Source)
    • Advance Countermeasures Electronic Systems
    • Gun Components, Over 5.56mm up to 125mm
    • Vehicular Components
    • Jet Turbine Components
    • Rotary Wing Components
    • Fixed Wing Components
    • Custom Hardware and Fixtures

In addition to staying on top of the latest innovations in aerospace manufacturing, we also understand that certain projects in the aerospace industry deal with confidential matters. We guarantee confidentiality. If you’re working on a patent, you can rest assured that your information is in safe hands.

Machining / Prototype

Aerospace machining & prototype development

Finishing & Packaging

Attention to detail is important prior to applying the final finish. Sometimes protecting parts from self-damage is the largest problem. Individual boxes and/or bags are utilized after the parts are completely dry.  For long-term storage, oil based rust inhibitors for steel parts,  for ultra clean parts a nitrogen/argon purge or desiccant packs is available.

Part Marking & Laser Engraving

Just prior to or immediately following final coating, parts are marked with a laser. Information marked is per customer requirement, and may include a simple “Part Number,” “Serial Number,” “Lot #,” “Part Revision,” “Manufacture ID,” “Material Lot #” or even “Purchase Order Number.”  Part marking to various Military, Aerospace or Medical marking standards using methods including, bag & tag, ink, epoxy, etch, laser per  Mil-Std-130 or AS478 or customer designated method.


Turning images can show the basic design of simple, rounded parts. However, turned parts at Protomatic are often transformed into more complex shapes by utilizing C-Axis Lathe or Multi-Axis Mill/Turn equipment.


Whether your needs call for high speed, exotics, brittle materials, or low stress induced, our CAM software and CNC machines can be individually programmed.

Multi-Axis CNC

With 3+ Axis machines capable of fabricating very complex parts, quality and verification is vital.  Protomatic confirms the accuracy of its CNC machines with a highly accurate Renishaw ball bar to confirm machine performance.

Plastic and Rubber Molds

We manufacture custom molds utilizing a number of diverse manufacturing methods, such as Steel Rule Die Cut, Rotary Cut, Compression Molds, Urethane Pour Molds and Vulcanized Fluorosilicone Molds.

Quality and Inspection

Measurements and Gaging R&R are critical to the confirmation of product accuracy and precision. Protomatic offers many redundant gages and techniques to measure your critical parts. Calibration is conducted internally and externally with A2LA accredited labs.

Stamping and Brackets

Protomatic offers the aerospace industry a wide variety of stamping and formed parts for brackets, bus bars, bezels and retainers.

Welding and Plasma

We offer a range of non-NADCAP welding and plasma capabilities. Tig, Mig, brazing, soldering, silver soldering and plasma cutting services are all available. If NADCAP services are required, Protomatic can Turnkey to our NADCAP service or use your  AVL (Approved Vendor List).


Protomatic can perform assembly tasks, build simple machines to help automate your assembly, or provide services to address an important process to a sub-assembly.  Protomatic supports various methods, from Welding (Tig, Mig, Fusion, Spot, per your AVL), Riveting (Solid, Pop), Insert Installation (PEMS ™, Keenserts ™, Helicoils ™, Nut Plates,etc.), Adhesive (Single and Dual component adhesives) and Lubricants, Electrical and Pneumatic, Fastener based Assembly as well as functional product testing.



We take personal responsibility for every aerospace CNC machining project we undertake for one reason: we know your design is critical to our mutual success. Whether we are developing a prototype, machining a component, or developing CAD and CAM files that lead to manufacture, you always get the same standard of quality. “Life-Saving Precision” is our mantra.

Variety of Materials

We can help you find the optimum materials for any aerospace project based on super-conductivity, melting point, oxidation resistance durability, and other characteristics. We have expertise in refractory materials, superalloys, aluminum, titanium, plastics, rubber and composites.

Wide Variety of Batch Sizes

Protomatic specializes in quantity-one prototypes, but when needs increase, we can accommodate pre-production and production quantities up to 200,000 parts per year for many applications. We can do the quick turn-around requirements on simple parts, or AS9102 FAI controlled-process parts for your application.  For production parts with long-term contracts we can Kanban parts for JIT (Just In Time) deliveries.

Flexible Operations

Protomatic has the flexibility to create almost any shape in mold or billet form. Our CAD and CAM software is capable of more than 5-Axis programming, and allows us to create complex shapes with ease. Input from CAD math data you supply, or having Protomatic create Control Plans, allows for convenient CAM and Inspection programming with PC DMIS (Standard CMM Programming Language).

Prototype Development

Protomatic goes beyond the CNC machining process with product support services. Our advanced CAD and CAM software allows for the creation of your custom aerospace components. Each part of the proposed project is researched and investigated, tested and inspected.  As your device is developed, it is checked against aerospace standards, and the most efficient production process (PFEMA) will be utilized in machining the prototype.

Hybrid Manufacturing

While additive manufacturing (3-D printing) allows complex  geometries to be created more efficiently, it is not best for every application. However, subtractive manufacturing can be inefficient. Often, Protomatic uses a hybrid of both. We produce components with additive techniques to create the shape; and subtractive methods to create the final product. Less material is wasted, and the final shape could not be created with either process on its own.



Protomatic has a long history of partnership with military aerospace OEMs. With our working knowledge base of hundreds of years in combined experience by our programming and manufacturing personnel, we manufacture safety and critical automotive and aerospace CNC components to military specs as well as to those of major OEM processes.

Our advanced CNC machining equipment, sophisticated manufacturing knowledge, and experienced personnel, is what it takes to turn an engineer’s vision into reality.



Protomatic is well-versed in the manufacture of precision parts and assemblies for electronic, microwave, radar, laser, and avionic devices. We have worked extensively with products used on US fighter jets such as F-16 and F-18. We manufacture custom OEM components and assemblies for land vehicles, aircraft, and space vehicles.

  Gage Code 1JMS7
  Non-resident,  DODAC
  Export Control, DDTC Licensed.
Capable of Manufacturing the following NSNs:
  NSN FSC 1005-1025
  NSN FSC 1055-1450
  NSN FSC 1560-2510
  NSN FSC 2520-3040
  NSN FSC 3110-4910
  NSN FSC 5120-5315
  NSN FSC 5320-5340
  NSN FSC 5340-6150