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Medical device machining

With our ongoing commitment to “Life-Saving Precision,” Protomatic sets the standard in medical device contract manufacturing. We have the tools, talent and processes in place to provide orthopedic, cardiovascular, dental and optical medical components of the highest quality.

Protomatic is housed in a modern, bright facility that is clean and organized from the reception area to the plant floor. The advanced HVAC system carefully regulates temperatures for optimum conditions in the high tolerance work called for in medical components. Air filtration and lighting are also monitored to provide the right environment for precision machining.

In an era of the Affordable Care Act and its taxes on medical devices, cost savings take on added significance. That’s why Protomatic uses multi-function equipment for medical device machining. Multi-function allows us to do in one set-up what it would take typical equipment seven set-ups to accomplish.

Because of the complexity and precision required of medical device machining, Protomatic has added another level of quality assurance to existing standards of safety and efficiency. Protomatic is not only ISO 9001:2015 registered, but also ISO 13485:2016 registered.

Nowhere in Life-saving Precision more important than in the medical parts and devices we produce.



Protomatic devices can be found in most heart transplant centers and hospital cardiac units.

We have a history of successfully supplying components for LVADs (left ventricular assist devices) to maintain the pumping ability of a heart that can no longer function on its own; and we provide components for aortic punches used to implant replacement heart valves, as well as arterial bypass grafts to repair damaged arteries.

Among the other medical device products created at Protomatic Medical for cardiovascular uses are:

  • Trocar Devices
  • Tunnellers
  • Peristalic Pump Components
  • Specialized Surgical Tools


Rapid prototype testing of custom CNC orthopedic implants improves the quality of human lives. Our extensive testing capabilities complement our innovations by helping speed time to clinical trials and launch. Using our CAD/CAM systems, we are then able to produce high-quality precision medical products quickly and efficiently.

With our ISO9001:2015, ISO-13485:2016 facilities, we have developed long-term partnerships in order to deliver custom CNC orthopedic implants to patients in need of high-quality, complex products stamped with individualized attention.

Every one of Protomatic Medical’s medical components are guaranteed for accuracy and precision to OEM specifications, including everything from the actual orthopedic implants to the surgical tools used to install them.

Among the products machined at Protomatic for orthopedic uses are:

  • Plates and Screws
  • Locking Pins and Nails
  • Locking Plate Systems
  • Pedicle Screws
  • Circular External Fixation Systems
  • Cannulated Lag Screws
  • Cannulated Orthopedic Screws
  • Maxillofacial Devices
  • Maxillofacial Screws and Implants
Surgical Tools

Surgical tools

Protomatic has extensive experience in supplying the medical community with precision surgical tools, operating room tools and equipment, lab testing equipment, and a diverse array of optical tools.

Along with medical device contract manufacturing, we provide drafting support services to biomedical start-ups to help them identify the best manufacturing processes, and our fast turn-around times help get them off the ground quickly.

Protomatic also works with medical OEMs. We utilize GMPs for Class 1, 2 and 3 medical components for every application. For example, we have long been involved in making Campenot dividers, and also provide components for optical, dental, and other applications in the medical field.

Medical Devices

Medical devices

Protomatic manufactures components for many medical instruments including cytometers, or “cell counters,” that are able to analyze several thousand particles every second and actively separate and isolate particles having specified properties.

As is the case in all of the medical device contract manufacturing offered by at Protomatic, all of the devices we produce are made with a focus on Life-Saving Precision.