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Protomatic employs a professional and knowledgeable staff which promotes ease of interaction for technical development of your critical components. We support expedited and rush shipping programs for a quick response to your needs, while maintaining cost competitiveness throughout our industry.

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Lori Frantz: General Sales

Scott Allen: General Sales

Doug Wetzel: Technical Sales

Brian Heldt: Program Management

Protomatic creates casting patterns, then turnkeys the cast/forged parts and completes the machining and finishing processes. We work with many different casting and forging suppliers.

Protomatic helps develop products for injection molding. We then turnkey the production parts and, if required, will post-machine plastic parts for higher levels of precision.

Yes, our license number is available upon qualified request. We are also familiar with the control of technical data as defined in 22CFR 120.1 of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

Protomatic is registered to the ISO-9001:2015 standard since 1999 (Originally the ISO-9001:1994).

Additionally, Protomatic is registered to the ISO:13485:2016 QMS and AS9100D.

Copies are available at the Certifications tab.

No, Protomatic sells this product directly.

Protomatic machines most materials. The most common are aluminum, stainless steel, alloy steels, titanium and plastic. We are also experienced with many materials such as magnesium, refractory materials such as tungsten, niobium and tantalum, as well as super alloys such as InvarTM, KovarTM, and Haynes 25 TM.

Yes, Protomatic routinely meets and deals with a down flow supplier base that meets DFARS 252.225-7014 Alt. 1.

The company was formed in 1971 by Bill and Rita Wetzel (both Decd.) Protomatic is a privately held C Corp..  Currently operations are managed by Doug Wetzel (Son).


Operations  are adjusted for workload.  Typical shift run based on 8-10Hrs/day, with an available second shift if workload requires. We  also manufacture multiple components in lights out manufacturing processes (6 Axis Robot feeding  a 5 Axis Mill, or Bar Feeders on Multi-Axis CNC Machines, capable of running 24hr/7day).

Protomatic specializes in hard-to-manufacture small and medium sized precision components for R&D, medical, aerospace and other technical industries.  We support build quantities from prototype to production.

Protomatic is a Solidworks (CAE), Surfcam (CAM), and GibbsCam (CAM) user. This gives us the ability to read almost every industry standard format. If possible, native Solidworks is best, but alternately STeP, Parasolid, IGeS, or DXF can be read. For secure documents encryption please call, and formats may include Adobe PDF, Myriad or ImageR are readable.

Protomatic enlists the services of approximately 25 employees as of 2024,  and the building currently covers 30,500 square feet on two floors.  Over 30 programmable CNC style machines, such as CNC Mills, Lathes, robot, vision system, and CMMs.

Protomatic has the capability to produce many types of Inspection Sample Warrants (SW) for a majority of industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronic industries. (PFEMA, PPAP, Control Plan, GP-11, FAI, ISW, AS9102, Custom Reports utilizing sampling plans from 100%, Mil-Std-105, Mil-Std-1916 C=0, and ANSI/ASQ Z1.4.)

Protomatic is more vertically integrated for custom and specialized processes than most job shops. We employ many specialized process (Non-NADCAP) such as; programmable polishing equipment, micro deburring, virgin tumbling for medical class A surfaces, CO2 cleaning, rubber molding (vulcanized and two part castings), adhesive bonding, laser marking, and rivet assembly. Ask Sales for the process list for details.

Protomatic is continually working on compliance of NIST SP800-171 standard. Formal compliance of SP800-171 was completed meeting the Presidential Executive Order and contract clause DFARS 252.204-7012 Dec 31st, 2017 deadline.  Since 2020, Protomatic has also met a new standard  called CMMC V2.0 (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification).