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Services to the automotive industry

Protomatic offers support, prototyping, production, and assembly of custom parts and systems for the automotive industry. We have the capacity to handle a single prototype as well as large production orders. In addition, custom parts made from billet or custom castings are available.

Our facilities, capabilities, equipment resources, and business practices have enabled Protomatic to provide service to customers throughout the automotive supply industry. We have been manufacturing custom OEM components and assemblies for everything from powertrains to instrument panels since 1971.


As  a high-volume precision CNC machining job shop, Protomatic offers the high level of level of flexibility needed to juggle market shifts while shortening the time-to-market.

We have manufactured and supplied custom OEM components and assemblies for:

  • Starter motors
  • Alternator housings
  • Brake system valves and housings
  • EGRs and Wastegates
  • Transmission Valves
  • Transfer Housings
  • Turbo Charger
  • Fuel pump systems

Protomatic has also manufactured prototypes and service parts such as:

  • Throttle bodies
  • Mass airflow sensors
  • Temperature sensors

Instrument panel

Protomatic has manufactured plastic buttons, instrument panel beams, instrument panel background lighting, light pipes, display clusters, and various interior panels for many automobile makes.

We can provide prototype panels during the design stage. Size, shape, fit and other characteristics of instrument-panel components must meet exacting specifications considering that the electrical components must all fit perfectly. By providing a turnkey package, you will save by eliminating the need for multiple suppliers.

Custom vintage parts

Protomatic not only has a passion for vintage autos, but we also provide services to collectors and those who restore vintage machinery of any type.

For truly hard-to-find parts, we offer fabrication of small volume production of vintage car components. For example, we have re-manufactured convertible top handles and top pump motor assemblies for Avanti(tm), engine lifters for Cadillac(tm), and screws and brackets for Rolls Royce(tm).