A Focus On Life-Saving Precision

The difference between ‘what’ and ‘why.’

I’ve always felt that there was a big difference between what a company does and why they do it. It seemed that the passion we put into our work at Protomatic was every bit as important as the precision CNC components we produced.

If that difference could be articulated, I knew it would be meaningful not only to our customers, but equally as important, to our employees.

After a thorough strategic brand analysis, we pinpointed our “why” and feel so strongly that about its importance, that we remind ourselves of it on a daily basis.

Life-saving precision. It’s the ‘why’ of everything we do.

The “why” behind everything we produce at Protomatic (particularly for our customers in the medical and aerospace industries) is to save lives. We know that uncompromising precision at every step of the process, from initial concept through design through manufacture, is essential to developing mission-critical components that can indeed save lives.

We have compressed that thought into three words: Life-Saving Precision.

That brand theme is now evident throughout our facility in Dexter, Michigan. It’s on the shirts we wear, it’s on coffee mugs, and it’s on posters featuring our employees. We want to remind ourselves everyday that we’re not just making parts; we’re making parts that can save lives.

Taking the commitment to quality to a higher level.

These constant reminders have helped instill pride in everyone who works here as to the importance of what they do. Saying we are committed to quality is one thing. Understanding why it is critical takes the commitment to quality to a higher level.

You will soon be seeing the new message on a revamped website. We are still the same company. Still a CNC contract manufacturer. But by identifying our “why,” we are now even more intensely focused on our quality program.

More than a set of words.

More than just a marketing slogan, this is something that everyone here agrees with and believes in. To see what our commitment to life-saving precision means to our employees and customers, please watch the following short video.