GT-27 Lathe

This month Protomatic is  highlighting a special type of lathe that is available at Protomatic.   This lathe is special due to design and structure.  The basic platform is comprised of a “Super Precision Hardinge GT-27” lathe with a “Pick and Place” added to feed parts for larger volume runs.  The lathe is typically setup as a collet (5C) lathe which has a 1” through hole.  Although this is not a new machine, it has some unique traits that make it ideal for specific customer applications.

Hardinge GT-27 with Autoloader

Controls (left side, blue 1/3 section), Main Spindle (Center white section), and Parts stacker (right side, white 1/3 section).  The “Pick and Place” moves between the main spindle and the stacker.

Machine Overview

This is a high speed, high precision CNC lathe.  This setup combination gives the flexibility of a CNC with the near productivity of a custom machine. Some of the basic features include:

Block Tooling Slide (Gang Tooling)

This gives rigid and high accuracy positioning of tools.  This machine is sort of a combination CNC turret style machine with the block tooling slide style similar to a Swiss Lathe.  This gives a high precision architecture that has been proven in machine design technology.

Super Precision Control

Best condition positional resolution is 0.1 micron. Typically used in inch mode as shown, programs are written to five significant figures (most CNC machines use four significant figures).  Super precision bearings, balancing, higher than typical CNC machine RPMs, and Block Tool slide are just a few of the machine features.  Measurements are complemented with our new state of teh arit Keyence green laser micrometer with a resolution to 0.01 micron.

Stacker rods are shown.  Parts are stacked from ID or OD. The three stacking rods adjust for part size.

Autoloading “Pick and Place”
Column of raw parts and finish parts are accessible when the machine is running.  Capable of parts up to 3.5”OD and best if general shape is washer or disc shaped.