Hardinge Conquest 42 Lathes

The winter thaw is almost upon us, we are all experiencing our first greater than 32F day since December. This year seems like an abnormally cold season. Wow, I will be glad when the flowers come out and the robins return

Now, back to reality. In these finanically troubled times it seems like there is still a lot of product development activity. I guess, some companies have the philosopy that “when everyone is slowing down, they can sprint ahead of the competition”. Therefore, after careful analysis, Protomatic experienced similar behavior and has the ability to announce the addition of two Hardinge Lathes. So, this month we wanted to highlight the additional turning capacity that was added this winter

The Hardinge Conquest Lathes are a 42mm (1 5/8”) thru hole capacity machine. This lathe has the capacity to accomodate parts from 150mm (6” OD) with a part length of about 150mm (6”L). Although the machine can manufacture larger parts, these are the typical performance limits for the 42mm class of machine.

Protomatic has recently added two more lathes, growing from three (3) CNC lathes to five (5). All of our lathes are in the 42mm class, but vary in performance and features. Some of the performance variations are: maximum RPM, torque and horsepower. The main features are: size capablities, method and pressure of available coolant, tailstock, and live tooling (milling head). We have variations of all the options which allow us to accommodate different customer needs.