Laser Marking

This month Protomatic is  highlighting Laser Marking.  Since we have purchased the new laser system we have quite simply under utilized the machine’s capability. So this month we wanted to demonstrate some of the machine’s  capability. This article covers only a  small  fraction of the possible applications,  so please do not hesitate to call and inquire if you need more information.

Our Laser Marker
Protomatic uses  Electrox Raptor Laser marker.  It is a Solid State Q-Switched marking system. Having a wavelength of 1064nM (Infra Red) and a peak laser power of greater than 10,000 Watts for 25-100n Seconds.  Wow, sounds impressive, but what can it do?

What can it do?
We can mark with many fonts even down to 0.010” high, picture, and most standard  bar-code methods. Highly reflective materials cannot be marked with this laser. One material that we tested that did not mark was silver (Ag). But, steels, aluminum, and titianium mark well.

What material can be marked?
Many materials including plastics, metals, and metals with a  finish work the best. Marking depth varies on laser output setting  and material and surface condition (Polished or Matte).  Typical marking depths are in the 0.0001” to 0.001” deep. That is why they call them markers and not engravers, which are typically much deeper.