Laser Micrometer

Wow, it doesn’t seem like 2010, but it is here! 2009 passed so quickly with the days, weeks and months just a blur of our distant memory. So while we remember, we wanted to start out the new year in response to a customer’s request, which was simply to increase the manufacturing accuracy of some of the small precision parts that we manufacture Making the part is not usually a problem, however measuring a part can be a most difficult task. So, Protomatic purchased a state of the art laser micrometer and intergrated it into a high precision mobile measurement station. This month we wanted to demonstrate some of the Keyence Laser Micrometer’s capabilities.

The Keyence Laser Micrometer measures the size of the shadow projected on a high resolution camera.  This contrasting shadow method is highly accurate and repeatable.  This state of the art micrometer has no moving parts and is thermally stable.  The range can be changed depending on the number of sensors and configuration. Protomatic set it up in the simplest and most useful configuration, which primarily measures outside diameters of round shafts or grooves.  Protomatic needed a fast and accurate way to measure high tolerance gage pins for product attributes in Go/No Go tests and many of the precision parts.

Some of the features that make this Laser Micrometer better are:

No moving parts.

High-speed linear CCD and telecentric optical system.

Maintenance-free LED emitter and design (no laser diode or motor).

High performance controller with statistical analysis.

Controller with target viewer available for easy setup.
Measurement stage is a stable granite surface plate.

All placed on a self contained, heavy duty steel cart for mobility.

The performance is amazing with:
0.010”- 1.18”

80 uInch
(2uM +-2Sigma)

6 µInch

High Sampling Rate:
2400 samples/second