Automotive Machining Service

Automotive CNC MachiningProtomatic offers drafting support, prototyping, production and assembly of custom parts and systems manufactured for many companies within the automotive industry. We have the capacity to handle a single prototype as well as large production orders specializing in CNC multi-axis vertical machining centers, C-Axis CNC lathes for precision turning, welding, plasma cutting, CAD, CAM, CMM, fixtures, tools and dies. In addition, custom parts made from billet or custom castings are available.

Given the current state of the auto industry, Protomatic's early and well-timed divergence into additional industries has positioned the company for unprecedented growth in additional markets unaffected by the current automotive downturn. Nevertheless, our expertise as a supplier to Michigan's most prominent automobile manufacturers helped to solidify our dominance in precision automotive CNC machining and custom component manufacturing at a pivotal time in our development - and for that we are very thankful.

Protomatic has been manufacturing custom OEM components and assemblies for everything from powertrains to instrument panels since 1971. Through our large facilities, diverse capabilities, vast equipment resources, and conservative, steadfast business practices, we at Protomatic have been able to supply fast, efficient service to countless satisfied customers in the automotive supply industry for nearly four decades. Let us show you the Protomatic difference.