Protomatic adds facilities to help entrepreneurs.

Protomatic has expanded capacity since being identified by the State of Michigan Innostate Program as one of 30 companies positioned to help entrepreneurs take product concepts into prototypes and low-volume manufacturing.

To help these companies turn their ideas into reality, Protomatic will provide them with space in the fully functional business offices we recently constructed in our Dexter, MI plant.

Having offices at Protomatic will enable entrepreneurs to easily receive design support from Protomatic engineers, as well as see their parts actually being manufactured. Subtle design modifications can be readily performed since machinists are just a short walk away.

Gaining insight into manufacturing difficulties as prototypes move from early- through final- design stages is another big advantage of being based here. Seeing problems as they develop makes it easier to make adjustments and apply “design-for-manufacturing” techniques.

By being chosen for the Innostate Program, Protomatic will also be able to provide access to super computers, software, and technical support groups that are normally beyond the reach of start-up companies.

Our involvement with Innostate does not mean we are abandoning our traditional way of doing business. Far from it. This is more of an expansion along a natural evolutionary path. It is very much in keeping with our long-time support of many educational groups such as the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, Washtenaw Community College and the Society of Manufacturing engineers.

This is an exciting new route for us. We’re looking forward to supporting the Innostate Program and helping accelerate the success of southeast Michigan manufacturing. Call us to see how we can help you.