Protomatic Takes a Microscopic Look at Your Parts

Here at Protomatic, we are always curious about what the parts we make look like at the microscopic level. Sure, it’s overkill at times and may be too much information, but by understanding the microfinish we put on a part and the impact it has on the part function, we are able to improve our customers’ final product. To accomplish this, we recently added a Keyence “Super Resolution Digital Microscope” to our arsenal of inspection equipment.

We already have many optical microscopes throughout our shop for our machinists. This one, however, has a depth of field that is twenty times greater than the optical scopes and is capable of performing topology measurements. Being digital, we are able to capture images for our customers and employees for educational use.

Super resolution part image

Super resolution topographic part image

A depth-of-field that is over 20 times greater than that of an optical microscope 

The lack of a large depth-of-field resolution is a greater handicap with optical scopes than you would imagine. With an optical scope, the operator has to move the focal field manually and remember what they were viewing over the entire length of the part. With this digital scope and the custom software, the image is clear in a single image. This clarity gives the machinist the insight they need to meet print finishes, and gives them insight to tool choice and condition.

Sometimes, shorter wavelength light, such as narrow wavelength blue lighting, is used for even greater resolution and clarity. By employing a blue filter and pixel shift technology, super resolution imaging that exceeds the limitations of an optical system is possible. Utilizing short-wavelength blue light, the microscope is capable of capturing super resolution images that are impossible to obtain with white light.

World’s First Super Resolution Imaging

Greater depth of field, topography and super resolution imaging give Protomatic and our customers a look at parts and products beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. Procurements like the Keyence microscope, which provide greater images during inspection, are why Protomatic is known for our life-saving precision.