Tips for Choosing a Prototyping Machine Shop

Choosing the right prototyping machine shop could be the most important decision you will make in the course of getting your product to market. This is particularly true for entrepreneurs with little experience in dealing with CNC machine shops.

Along with the shop having the personnel and machinery to produce exactly what is needed, it is also vital that there be an open dialog, particularly between you and the engineers you will be working with closely. It is wise to have in-depth discussions with everyone on the team about your project and what your ultimate objectives are. For your ideas to become a precision-component reality, the “people element” can’t be overestimated.

With that said, we’ve developed an informative, easy-to-understand e-book with the Top 10 things to look for in a CNC machining shop. OK, there are actually 11, but it’s always a good idea to over-deliver.

Enjoy your e-book, Tips for Choosing a Prototyping Machine Shop. And best wishes on your next project.