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Additive or Subtractive Prototyping: Which is Best?

Additive or Subtractive Prototyping: Which is Best?

The day has finally come. Your new component design has been approved and now it’s time to take it to prototype. But what manufacturing process should you choose?

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How to Specify Additively Manufactured Aluminum Parts

Specifying “Additively Manufactured” (AM) aluminum is challenging and involves an approach guided by ASTM and ISO standards that require more engineering decisions throughout the manufacturing process than typically encountered with a purchased component. With this additional complexity, ISO/ASTM 52910 guides a designer to first establish the general AM potential of the part, which involves material, build size, and a host of feature trade-offs. Next, the designer must select from several AM processes that can provide a range of properties for a given material.

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Specifying Materials 101 - Billet Aluminum

Specifying Materials 101 - Billet Aluminum

Years of experience in working with many types of materials gives manufacturing operations valuable insights in how to specify materials that will optimize product performance.

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Local or International CNC Machining — Any Difference?

Local or International CNC Machining

When evaluating new CNC suppliers, a decision often comes down to using a local or international supplier. While international outsourcing has some significant benefits, there are a world of differences to take into account, and smart buyers recognize and deal with them.

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Protomatic Helps Educate and Encourage Future Engineers

Protomatic Helps Educate and Encourage Future Engineers

Protomatic is committed to helping educate and encourage the next generation of engineers, designers, and innovators. That’s why we are proud to be a sponsor of the Dexter Dreadbots — a team of local high school students with a desire to learn more about robotics.

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Protomatic Works to Eliminate Counterfeit Materials

Eliminate Counterfeit Materials

Counterfeiting is about more than money

When we think of counterfeiting, we think of coins and currency. Sometimes name brand watches or handbags. Whatever the product, counterfeiting “rips off” a customer by recreating a high value item.

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Protomatic Annual Update and Summary of 2018

Protomatic Annual Update

Message from the Operations Manager Doug Wetzel:

The Protomatic team was very active and involved with a number of Quality Audits throughout the year.  Trained QMS auditors for internal, customer, and external auditing probed deeply into the company and presented a number of positive and constructive suggestions. Based on their feedback, following is a summary of the QMS improvements that were implemented during 2018.  

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How Protomatic Aerospace Ensures Life-Saving Precision

Aerospace Manufacturing

It’s extremely important that your supplier for your aerospace CNC machining is the most reliable and precise in the industry. When a plane full of people starts leaving the ground, only the most dependable choice is acceptable. Here are some of the ways in which we ensure our motto of life-saving precision.

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Wishing you a joyous holiday and a happy New Year

Happy Holidays

All of us at Protomatic wish you the best of holidays, and a New Year filled with joy and prosperity.

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Addressing Foreign Object Damage in Manufacturing

Addressing Foreign Object Damage in Manufacturing

Foreign Object Damage (FOD) is a major concern in the aviation, space, and defense industry, as well as other manufacturing industries.  It is interesting that no FOD requirements are noted in the AS9100D standard.  While there is a large amount of infomation and guidance available in the AS9146 FOD Standard.

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