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Great tips before picking an aerospace CNC job shop

What to look for in an Aerospace CNC Job Shop

The changing demands in the aerospace industry mean CNC machine shops can no longer be content to simply machine components. They must now concern themselves with the lifetime performance of the component. As the expectations put on CNC job shops continue to grow, it is more vital than ever that the shop you work with is up to the task.

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Protomatic Offers Class in Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

When something doesn’t operate correctly or breaks down, you’ve got a problem. An even bigger one is if the same problem comes back again and again.

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Why the Aerospace Industry Relies on the Expertise of Protomatic Aerospace

Protomatic Aerospace

When it comes to meeting the stringent specifications and requirements of the aerospace industry, Protomatic Aerospace has the expertise needed to deliver. Beyond our extensive list of equipment, our proven machining capabilities and our ISO 9001 certification, we have sought to gain the expertise that is necessary to handle all of the industry’s prototyping and manufacturing needs. Whether you’re looking to produce in small quantities, utilize exotic materials or take advantage of our impressive CAD and CAM experience, our team will work with you to ensure that your prototype meets your expectations.

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Protomatic Offers Classes to Improve GD&T Accuracy

Protomatic Offers Classes to Improve GD&T Accuracy

When GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) is poorly specified or incorrectly interpreted, many things can happen. All of them bad.

  • Datum schemes are incomplete, irrational or in conflict
  • Features related to these datums are ill defined, incomplete or open to interpretation
  • Up to 80% of drawings are estimated to be dimensionally deficient

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CNC Machining for Prototype and Low-Volume Projects

CNC Machining for Prototype and Low-Volume Projects

Protomatic, a Dexter, MI, precision CNC machine shop, manufactures small and medium-sized complex, high-precision components. We specialize in prototype and low-volume projects for commercial and private companies, particularly those involved in space exploration or military applications.

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Protomatic’s 3-D Printer Up To 1,000 Times Faster

Protomatic’s 3-D Printer

A new CNC cold-spray, metal-additive 3D metal printing machine has arrived at Protomatic and is now in testing and small-scale operation. The machine is the first of its type in the United States. It is manufactured by Australian 3D metal printing company SPEE3D, with direction and training provided by the importer, Kinetic of Ann Arbor, MI.

Tags: High-speed 3D printing

Additive or Subtractive Prototyping: Which is Best?

Additive or Subtractive Prototyping: Which is Best?

The day has finally come. Your new component design has been approved and now it’s time to take it to prototype. But what manufacturing process should you choose?

Tags: Additive Prototyping, Subtractive Prototyping

Protomatic Completes Aerospace ISO AS9100D Audits

Protomatic Completes Aerospace ISO AS9100D Audits

Enhancing our ISO-9001 registration with AS9100D is another example of how CNC machine shop, Protomatic, continues to meet the most demanding aerospace machining requirements through a commitment to “Life-Saving Precision.”  

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Protomatic Not Affected by Kobe Steel Notification

Protomatic Not Affected by Kobe Steel Notification

In October of 2017, Kobe Steel acknowledged falsifying material certification data about the quality of aluminum and copper it sold in the last 10 years. It stated that a subsidiary operating in China, Thailand and Malaysia manufactured products such as copper piping, aluminum and steel wire.

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Aerospace Component Prototype Development and Protomatic Aerospace

Aerospace Component Prototype Development Services

When you’re looking for assistance developing your aerospace component prototype, there are a number of things that you should be looking for. Does the company that you’re working with have an on-site aerospace machining facility? Do they have the equipment and technology necessary to bring your vision to the market? Are they staffed with experts in CAD and CAM software? Protomatic Aerospace aims to make your decision easy by answering all of these questions with a resounding, “yes!”

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